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Biography :

R. Becht
Centres around a German family caught up in Hitler's Nazi war. Christian and non-Christian women will be able to identify with Olga, the mother, as she loses her home, her child and her husband. (152 pages)
Bishop French
Vivienne Stacey
The inspiring life story of Thomas Valpy French, the great but humble man of God who became the first Bishop of Lahore in 1877. Part of Pakistani church history. (142 pages)
Daughter of the Punjab
R. Becht
This is more than a biography of Nawab Bibi, wife of Pastor Hidayat Masih of Lahore; it is the inspiring story of a whole generation of Christian leaders who left everything in order to follow the call of God to serve His people. (171 pages)
Death in the Jungle (Operation Auca)
F.M. Smart
Courage, devotion and danger! Follow these five men as they go into the untamed jungles of South America to contact murderous savages with the love of God. (112 pages)
Doctor Pennell of Bannu
A pioneer in the North West Frontier Province, Dr. Pennell lived and worked amongst the tribal peoples, influencing many for Christ. (210 pages)
Freed from Bondage
Mrs. Howard Taylor
How Christ revolu-tionized the life of a Chinese Confucion scholar. Can Hsi Sheng-mo's faith really free him from the bondage of opium addiction? Very relevant in the light of today's drug problems. (144 pages)
How a Sufi Found His Lord
Abdul Subhan
Son of an honourable non-Christian family of Calcutta, Abdul Subhan turned to Sufiism in the hope of attaining spiritual perfection. But the thirst of his heart was only satisfied when, through reading the N.T., he found the Lord. An honest auto-biography. (128 pages)
George Muller
Roger Steer
The inspiring biography of a Nineteenth Century man of exceptional faith, who was responsible for the founding and running of a chain of orphan-ages. (118 pages)
Henry Martyn
Vivienne Stacey
An unusual hero, who completed the translations of the NT in Urdu, Persian and Arabic before dying an untimely death at 31 years of age. (112 pages)
Heroes of the Faith
James C. Hefley
Twelve men who greatly influenced church history: Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Athanasius, Augustine, Francis of Assisi, Wycliffe, Huss, Luther, Calvin, Simons, Carey and John Wesley. Three became martyrs, but all lived dangerously, with thought only for the task that lay before them. (154 pages)
A thrilling account of the life and death of Dr. Mehar Khan, a Pathan convert and martyr. Refusing to renounce his faith, he was stabbed to death by outlaws. His youngest son, Joel, was carried across the border into tribal territory. (93 pages)
Khudawand Masih ke Naurattan
A.K. Thakurdas
Brief biographies of nine Hindu and non-Christian men, who turned to Christ in the Nineteenth Century and played an important role in evangelism and the nurture of the Punjabi Church. (96 pages)
Mary Jones and Her Bible
Mary Jones, a poor girl living in Wales, sacrifices everything in order to buy her own Bible. (96 pages)
Pilgrimage to Truth
Frances E. Williams
The story of Martin Luther, the great Protestant reformer, whose unyielding belief that "the just shall live by faith'' had a pro-found influence on the whole of Christianity. (83 pages)
Praying Hyde
Francis A. Mackega
Every Pakistani Christian should read about this legendary figure and the beginning of the Sialkot Convention. (48 pages)
Sadhu Sundar Singh
T. Riddle
An exciting account of the famous Sadhu's life, suitable for young and old. (112 pages)

Songs in the storm

Ruth Nicholls

The record of a personal encounter with cancer. A helpful book for people experiencing serious illness or other forms of suffering. (87 pages)

The Saffron Robe
Cyril J. Davey
Another famous biography of Sadhu Sundar Singh. (135 pages)

The Watchmaker's Daughter
Jean Watson
The heart-rending story of Corrie ten Boom and her family, who took the enormous risk of helping numerous people elude arrest and annihilation
at the cruel hands of the Nazis. As a result, Corrie herself ended up in a concentration camp.
(199 pages)

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